Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy has evolved over the years and is derived from our years of experience, and our extensive education in the investment and financial planning industry. 

We understand that building net worth involves not only accumulating assets but more importantly preserving capital. This conservative philosophy is the foundation for all our financial strategies especially those we use for our retired clients.

We know that generating long-term retirement income is a very complex process. Specifically, we understand how the timing and the amount of income distributions during retirement effect the success we will have at generating sustainable, lifetime income.   Consequently, we use  investment strategies and investments that we believe will best help our clients achieve their retirement goals.

Our diversified portfolios may have a mix of cash, stocks, bonds and traditional investments along with some alternative investments that are not correlated to the stock or bond markets. It may also include products that offer a principle guarantee or a lifetime income guaranteed to provide long-term stability.  Our experience has taught us that using these types of diverse investments and then periodically rebalancing the portfolio is an effective way to help accumulate, as well as, preserve net worth. We do not believe in timing of the market however, we do believe that active management of a portfolio is required in today's investment environment. 

Additionally, because we are independent financial professionals we have total freedom to recommend a wide variety of investments.  No one pushes us to recommend a specific investment. Our investment recommendations are made first and foremost with your best interest in mind.


Diversification and asset allocation cannot assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.